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“I took a class from Bobbi in 2011 and was so impressed with her kindness and her ability to create the perfect balance between demonstrating, instructing, supporting and encouraging. Bobbi knows how to meet each student right where they’re at and get us to stretch ourselves by seeing what is really there, not what we think is there – which is a great skill in life too. She is a master teacher.” – Joe Zaniker

"Since learning color theory over the years with you, I too find that in nature, I no longer just see the beautiful shades of green etc..But rather my mind is automatically challenged with "what color green is that", I.e. yellow green or blue green etc. Your Saturday class was so amazing. You are so good at working with people using such diverse mediums and the individual help was so helpful. Thank you!"  -Pamela Wolfe

After taking Bobbi's Color Theory class, I have a new way of seeing, I learned that the colors that I see and paint are based on - the time of day- the weather- and importantly the colors surrounding the subject and the way light is affecting the subject..I could go on and on... Bobbi is fabulous... I'm infected!         -Stephanie Wiman (advanced pastelist) 

I took this class today -- aMAZing!  Bobbi Baldwin was fun and funny, knowledgeable and patient, and able to explain and demonstrate complex ideas in understandable, practical ways.  Very lucky to start with this class and hope to enjoy more classes with her in the future -- thx for the referral Sandra!     -Nancy Marker 

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Bobbi Baldwin photo by Polly LaPorte

Photo by Polly LaPorte 


BOBBI BALDWIN, Instructor of Fine Art since 1985

As an art educator in her 30th year of teaching, this artist has taught artists from all over the world.  Bobbi started out as a portrait artist in 1982 and still enjoys painting portraits for her many clients.  As a founding member of the Portrait Society of America, her education is strong through learning from the greatest living painters.  The Portrait Painter’s Way, a book written by Bobbi Baldwin, is now a must have for anyone who wants to understand how to paint people (available on Amazon).  Her knowledge of people led way to the ability to capture even more muscular beings.  As you know, horses and people are the most difficult of all subjects for any artist.  But, she has proven to excel at both.  Because knowledge is passion for this artist, she seeks to paint all subjects and share that understanding with her students.  She is a passionate teacher with a great ability to share her depth of knowledge. 

Art Instructor’s statement: 

 As a teacher, I must first see my students as individuals and second as a budding artist. Each person I encounter comes to the easel with a different set of learning skills and life lessons. It is my intent to give wings to my students feather by feather. The passionate muse of art is in my work and sharing that with others is life fulfilling. What I know and do is expressed in only a moment in time, but we all hope that it lasts through eternity, either through knowledge passed down or our work itself. I once heard that the measure of a good teacher is only through the students who surpass them. I look forward to seeing my students inspire the world with their own work.






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