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Where Artist's Gather, There Will Always Be Joy!!

Where Artist's Gather, there is always joy!
The Artist's Way:  Let's get together and look at how Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan designed their ideas around making us stronger artists. And add our own hilariously fun twists to it in the process!             
It's a blast!  We get to cut, paste, let our child go, and learn a bit in the process.  Register Now!
Who can attend?  IT IS FOR EVERYONE! Whether you know your art form or not!! Whether you consider yourself an artist or not!  All you need is a desire to learn. 
Please invite your friends.  The more people who come, the less you pay. 


$65 - 15 artists or more*

$75 - 10 people or more*

$95- 5 people or more*

$125 - regular price

*Please invite your friends.  The more people who come, the less you pay

Saturday Schedule:
8:30-9:00 - Check in- Meeting and Greeting (continental breakfast)
9:00 - Introductions and Orientation
9:30 - Getting Current
10:00 - Noon - Group Discussion and Break Out sessions
Noon - 1:00 PM - Lunch (artist's may bring a lunch or go out to local restaurants)
1:00 - 4:00 - Project - Creating a Sculpture of our Life
Sunday Schedule:
8:30-9:00 - Check in- Meeting and Greeting (continental breakfast)
9:00 - Introductions and Orientation
9:30 - Getting Current
10:00 - Noon - Creating Visual Pathways to our Future
Noon - 1:00 - Summary, Closure of the Weekend, and Finalizing our Plans for Success.

Our Weekend:  The weekend will be a gathering of people with creativity on their minds, as well as kindred spirits.  We will look at and explore ourselves in a new way.  I will be working partially from the teaching of The Artist's Way and The Artist's Way at Work, written and co-written by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan.  Also, I will be adding my sense of humor and 'life lessons learned the hard way' to the mix, making this a 'must do' on your list! 
Our Projects:  We will be making sculptures from some fun and whacky stuff, while thinking about how our lives (time, creativity, money, love, family, & work) are now dedicated. 
Our Goals:  We will interpret the best paths to move forward with the support of other like minds.  We will look at out pathways in a visual way that will help us to define and open up the doors that we wish to walk through.  There will be several fun projects that just takes you out of the everyday process of thinking and brings new light to the areas that you wish to enhance. 

The Artist's Way & WAG

Weekend Workshop

October 5 & 6, 2013

where:  Baldwin Fine Art, 7850 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

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Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan Copyright


Times are changing, there is new hope, new thoughts, new ideas floating everywhere.  What are you going to do with your creativity in the near future???  What are you going to do to reframe your creativity into success?!   This can help.   The book, The ARTIST's WAY, (written by Julia Cameron with co-writer, Mark Bryan) has helped thousands of artists succeed, for over a century, all over the world. 


BEGIN TODAY with your success

Isn't success always defined in attitude?  How would you like to be part of a group that continues to change and grow?  We would love to have you join us.

The Artist's Way Study is a course led by Bobbi Baldwin, under the personal consultation of Mark Bryan, co-author with Julia Cameron of the ARTIST's WAY.  This workshop focuses on great FUN exercises to produce the effects of long term success in the things that help us to further our creativity the most. 

Who should attend?

Below is a list of frequent participants objectives, though many are unsure exactly what they want to accomplish when they attend. Many more come to my workshops or coaching believing they know exactly what they want, only to discover something much more important for them.
Frequent Client Objectives and Outcomes:
1.      Initiate and complete creative projects - in business, science, and the fine arts.
2.      Rebuild damaged family or business relationships.
3.      Restructure a business, scientific or artistic career.
4.      Design and develop new products, processes or services.
5.      Transition from one career or life phase into another.
6.      Balance home life and work life for the benefit of both.
7.      Accept and overcome personal loss, career disappointments or abrupt change in circumstance.
8.      Find new meaning in life or in work.
9.      Increase morale, attendance, and productivity in an individual, team or work force.
10.  Identify new marketing, advertising or branding strategies.
11.  Capture non-linear business opportunities.
12.  Leverage the effects of success, wealth and/or fame.
13.  Propel initial success into a career.
14.  Create respectful dialogue between creative talent and business representatives.
15.  Manage recovery from substance abuse, impulse or mood disorders.
16.  Organize an adventurous corporate or artistic community that lives on the edge of intuition and creative advantage.
17.  Work through the underlying emotions that cut productivity and damage team communication.
18.  Utilize the anxiety caused by deadline pressure.
19.  Resolve costly conflicts. 


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