A class you must have; No one teaches this like Bobbi Baldwin!

This is a great class to learn to apply color theory!



March 2-3, 2019





NO ONE TEACHES IT LIKE ME, because I have created my own unique style in the way I taught myself to paint.  My students say it is a "Must Have" workshop
I take the pain out of color mixing and introduce a common sense style of thinking.  With the prop lighting to show you how to see, I show you what you need to look for when you paint.

This class will focus first on color mixing and what is specifically in your tubes of paint.  We know that red and blue make purple, but can you really get a good purple, green, or orange from any 2 tubes of red, blue, or yellow?  The answer is typically ‘no’.  But, the reason will be explained, because it is still true that red and blue should make purple.  I will teach you to look at the colors in any tube of paint that you have and how to understand what it is capable of.  I will also talk about where the pigments come from, how to pick good paint pigments, and what to avoid so that you don’t get frustrated in color mixing.  I will also explain the difference between brown and gray and the way to understand how to get that perfect color you are looking to match.  I will also talk about matching colors verses making “mud”.  You will go away with a much stronger understanding about how the tubes of paint you choose influence your experience with color.  I will then talk about how light works, in different situations and the biggest secret in the art world that masters know about how to paint light on your subject.  When you go away from this class with this information, you will be able to see differently because I am going to show you how to see the color and understand what you are seeing.  We are also going to observe how light causes colors to bounce.  In the last part of this class, we will be doing a still life painting where you will get to apply what you have learned.

The activities that the participants will experience: Creation of a reusable color wheel with graphs of primary color mixtures, tint mixtures, gray and brown mixtures, and transition maps for both primary and secondary colors.  Each week I will demonstrate while I lecture on the different subjects involved in color theory.  I will then have the students apply their newly learned concepts to a still life they will be painting from objects, fruit, and vegetables set up in still life arrangements in the center of the room. 



Class is limited in size. So RSVP soon.

B.Baldwin_workshop.JPGSince 1982, Bobbi Baldwin has painted over five hundred paintings, including commissioned portraits and gallery pieces. Her work has been strongly influenced by many of the great historical European, Russian, and French artists as well as many contemporary masters around the world.   Bobbi has taught through many locations including The Crocker Art Museum, Placer Schools for Adults, San Angelo (Texas University), and University Art Sacramento.  With over 29 years of experience, she has taught hundreds of adult students during her career, and also children through Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission’s outreach program. CA Certified Teacher of Adult Ed 


Held at San Clemente Center for the Arts  949.369.6603

Class is limited in size. Register Now!

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