Winter/Spring 2016 classes


Oil Painting with Ease - 9/8/2016 - 10/27/2016, 1:00-4:00

Unlock the Secrets of Portrait Painting - 11/3/2016 - 12/15/2016, 1:00-4:00

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So many artists are coming in flocks to the ‘model sessions’ in town.  And, if they aren’t… they desire deeply to be there.  But, the lack of knowledge as to how to approach the model on their canvas or paper keeps them from doing so well or even … at all! 

These classes are designed to push the fundamentals of seeing light verses shadow.  This is the basis to all successful work.  We as artist paint far too much into the shadows of a subject and fail to see the huge difference between the ‘light’ and shadow.  

I will work with the students to further their training of how to ‘Think Like an Artist’. 

You will learn: Compositional strategies, pallet setup, color layout, how to make a striking painting by the use of light, how to make your work, anatomy structure, measurements to make the human anatomy accurate to scale, as well as painting flowing material to add to the beauty of the composition and flow of the painting. With over 25 years of teaching, Bobbi’s sense of humor and intuitively intelligent approach to teaching reaches all students!

To Register click here or register in person at 690 Finley Dr, Auburn, CA 95603 or call 530 885-8585





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