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Ongoing Weekly Class Format


Art Lessons:

Students may study any subject and medium, but my specialties are portraits of people and animals, and still lives - in oil paint, pastel, and pencil.

I have recently added oil based clay figure sculpting to the class. 


Format and Fees:

Each class has one three hour meeting per week. -

The cost is $125 per month of instruction. Credits are only given when the instructor cancels.  No weekly fee schedule is available, by month only.  


Instruction Style:

Everyone learns in a different manner, so I try to get to know my students and tailor instruction to their needs.  My goal, however, is to train students to draw and paint in the style of realism.

Classes are limited to 12 students, so each student receives a maximum of individual attention.  Based on their interests and abilities, each student is assigned a project from a photograph of their choosing.

Lessons include value, perspective, proportion, depth, mixture of color, composition, how to use tools (i.e.. brush, paint, thinner, canvas, paper, pencil etc.), and tips on becoming a professional.  My students learn by lecture and by hands-on experience.

I am particularly strong in teaching drawing with graphite pencils.  I have developed a method using graphs and a divider, which makes it easy to recreate and resize a picture from a photograph.  This method also helps students learn to look at objects as shapes and shades, eventually making it much easier to draw from life.


The Instructor:

Although I studied art in college, most of my skills have been self-taught.  I have been a successful portrait artist since 1982, and have been teaching in the Sacramento area since 1985.  I have been a teacher for the Sacramento Metropolitan Outreach Program, a member of the Portrait Society of America, American Society of Portrait Artists,  and the founder of the West Coast Society of Portrait Artists.  My greatest strength is that I love my work.  I love people and art.  I work in all mediums.  Education is a lifelong process for me.  I invite you to join me on that journey.




Bobbi Baldwin


916 488-3900

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